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The history of blogging is only 10 years old. But since last few years blogs and bloggers have gone main stream. Research has shown that more people are inclined towards reading blogs then any local newspaper.Today, blogging is the only medium which provides any individual associated to any walk of life; to speak its heart out. And that’s make blogs so special and blogging so interesting.

Blogging in Pakistan:

The last few years have been revolutionary in the history of Pakistan. And the credit goes to the Awam (people) of this country. Pakistani bloggers played an important role in creating political awareness among ourselves. But they didn’t stopped here, they went on exploring fields of science and technology, telecommunication, medical science, entertainment etc.

Mission – “Tea Break”:

Our mission is to give our readers a break from work and let them enjoy their blog time And we are doing this by bringing all the popular blogs of Pakistan on one platform. So that readers have an easy access to their popular blog feeds. In this manner we are not only facilitating Pakistani blog readers but also keeping the integrity of individual write ups.

Beena Blog

I’m a journalist, editor and documentary filmmaker (originally a painter) focusing on issues related to media, gender, human rights and peace. In 1998 I started an informal newsletter on personal and political issues to friends and colleagues, then a yahoogroup (beena-issues) in 2002, and this blog in Feb 2009. The idea was to share articles, reports and comments on current issues, including my own reports, articles and comments (and my monthly column ‘Personal Political’) with my friends and colleagues. Here’s my ‘self-profile‘ for Video Journalists Movement. I was’s Featured Blogger, March 2010 (thanks for the ‘break’, guys, it got me taking myself more seriously as a blogger); awarded Best Blog from a Journalist at the Pakistan Blog Awards 2011.

Blog SM Sarwar

This blog is about the late Karachi-based physician and former student leader Dr M. Sarwar (1929-2009), containing articles and memoranda about him and his life which reflects the struggle for progessive politics in Pakistan. Dr Sarwar formed Pakistan’s first student union, the Democratic Students Federation (DSF). He got his final medical exam results while still in prison in 1954. (After DSF was banned many of its activists later formed the National Students Federation, NSF). He was also the driving force behind the Inter-Collegiate Body (ICB) comprising student unions in different colleges and the All Pakistan Students Organisation (APSO), established in 1953, which became an influential political force until the crackdown on progessive forces. He was also one of the pioneers of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) and the Medical Gazette, both of which played a vital role in progressive politics, particularly during the oppressive Zia years.

Aman Ki Asha

Aman ki Asha is a campaign for peace between India and Pakistan, jointly initiated by the Jang Group of Pakistan and The Times of India Group.The words Aman ki Asha mean ‘hope for peace’. Aman is an Urdu word, meaning peace. Asha is a Hindi word, meaning hope. The combination of the two languages reflects the collaborative spirit of this initiative. The objective of Aman ki Asha is to create an enabling environment to facilitate dialogue between the governments, encourage people-to-people contacts and thus contribute to bringing about peace between India and Pakistan.The two leading media groups of the two countries decided to launch this initiative