Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf - NewYork ( PTI - NY )

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (پاکستان تحريک انصاف) Pakistan Movement for Justice) is a political party in Pakistan. PTI is headed by former Pakistani cricket captain Imran Khan. "Justice, Humanity and Self Esteem" is the slogan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has put forward a solution for Pakistan's issues related to its system. The solution has following points:

Independent Election Commission
Independent Judiciary
Independent Accountability Bureau
Education Emergency

To establish a just society based on humane values while continuously upholding the self-esteem of the nation. The PTI will restore the sovereign and inalienable right of the people to choose political and economic options in accordance with our social, cultural, and religious values. We are broad-based movement for change whose mission is to create a free society based on justice. We know that national renewal is only possible if people are truly free.

Our leadership approaches the people with sincerity and a sense of history and we pledge to commitment to:

- Freedom from Political, Economic and Mental Slavery -Modern Islamic Republic
- Freedom from Injustice - Inexpensive and quick dispensation of justice
- Freedom from Poverty - 50 percent increase in per capita income in 5 years
- Freedom from Unemployment - Two million new jobs every year
- Freedom from Homelessness - 2.0 lac new housing units every year

- Freedom from Illiteracy - Full literacy in 5 years
- Freedom to Generate Wealth
- Freedom from Fear - Complete Freedom of thought and expression
- Freedom for Women - Free education up to Matric for girls from poor households.
- Equal right for minorities - no religious discrimination


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PTI introduced their SMS subscription in the Lahore Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan. I think its the best way to connect with PTI officially. PTI will send important updates, questions, and invitations at your mobile phone.


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I am one of the so many revolutionists supporting Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf to bring a change in pakistan by ending injustice, poverty, terrorism, energy crisis & many other issues. Pakistan today is on the brink of a collapse and we have never seen such large scale corruptions, violence, and high inflation rates. Apart from the ruling elite, everyone else is suffering in the country. Now we have got a hope, that Imran Khan will change, so here I am to be a part of the change and play my role in whatever capacity I can.


If you Love Imran Khan If you think, he is the ONLY hope,Then have you registered your vote? Have you registered your family and friends vote? Have you asked them to vote for PTI on the day of elections? It is the only way show your commitment with imran khan. Imran Khan Message to the Pakistani American community. It is your opportunity to help strengthen the democratic institutions. Only with your participation, Living abroad the best and most effective way to be part of change in Pakistan is to become paying members. So listen to Chairman's message, than go to and become paying members today. Thanks